Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are book club members who listen to audio books cheating?

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I find it difficult to listen to fiction.History, politics,self help. even autobiography is like a seminar, a learning experience and easy to do.
I've never listened to an audio book. It's not because of any elitism--I've just been concerned that something would distract me and I'd miss something important.
My mom listens to audio books when she travels by car. My wife and I tried that when we took a trip last year, buying a book/tape at a Cracker Barrel (where you can return the tape later to another Cracker barrel and get part of your money back). Well, my CD player was not working well (a have a portable plugged into the cassette player and the cigarette lighter, and the lighter has pulled out of its socket, so no more CD player). We tried a Martha Grimes tape, and found the second tape was just no good (over used maybe). I do think audio books can be good if you are traveling, bearing in mind you need to avoid being too distracted.

I have notied some audio books are abridged, and that annoys me. I guess it is worth looking for audio books that are form short novels
If I started to listen to audio books, it would probably be to increase my overall consumption of books. I do a lot of reading on the bus, but there are times when I'm not in the mood to read when I could listen to books on my iPod, I suppose.
i use an ipod and find it an excellent way to keep informed while exercising,walking,sitting on the bus,ect...
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