Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last Friday was the Pittsburgh release party for Dave Copeland's book "Blood and Volume", which I plan to start reading tomorrow. Dave is a good friend--he was in my wedding--and a fellow survivor of the newspaper industry. It was great to see him, and both my wife, Maggi, and I are very proud of him.

One strange note: When Dave was still in Pittsburgh, he did some work for the campaign of late Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor. In attendance at Dave's party was Dennis Regan, the former aide to O'Connor and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl who left city government under a cloud. He was there with his housemate, Marlene Cassidy--secretary to O'Connor and Ravenstahl and also at the center of controversy--and she presented Dave with a proclamation from the mayor designating Friday "Dave Copeland Day."

I follow city politics rather closely, and so it was just a little weird to be at the same function as the two of them. It goes to show just how small this town really is.

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I was sad I could not attend, either Fri or Saturday.

We had a swim meet in Grove City -- and then one of the rug rats got sick.

I'll need to get the book via mail order.
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